Transformation paths

A central objective of the young researcher groups is to develop social, economic and political measures together with partners in practice, which enable long-term product use and the overcoming of obsolescence. Two approaches are being pursued:

1. Development of concrete intervention measures, including

  • Consumer-oriented strategies: an information platform (website) with recommendations for action or an app that provides information on criteria of longevity for specific product groups; development of publicity measures to raise awareness of the topic of obsolescence (e.g. short film, action day).
  • Eco-innovative economic models for one to three companies/products (customer relationship, value proposition, value chain, stakeholders, production, marketing, cost structure, revenues)
  • Product-related instrument mix: Integration of durability aspects into existing instruments such as the Ecodesign Directive or labels such as the Blue Angel, taking into account acceptance, communication, technical requirements, cost-benefit, etc.

2. Development of transformation paths:

Qualitative sustainability scenarios will be developed in scenario workshops, in which the key factors in the various dimensions (politics, technology, economy, consumption) will be identified on the basis of the results of the previous work packages. Their impact relationships will be determined and their possible and (future) characteristics will be developed. The social-ecological effects of the scenarios are evaluated in comparison to the “status quo”.


For further information please contact: Melanie Jaeger-Erben and Max Marwede