Erik Poppe

Erik Poppe is an associate member of the research group and is researching on product lifetimes in markets (TIM – Time in Markets).

In his doctorate he follows a software-based approach to the automated collection and evaluation (data mining) of product data from German Internet shops. The aim of his work is to analyse trends and time in markets (TIM) of products.

Since 2016 he is a board member of the research and consulting institute SUSTAINUM in Berlin. His work focuses on Product Lifecycle Assessments (LCA) and projects in the field of product research. From 2016-2018 he was engaged in research of longevity and obsolescence in product development processes (LOiPE). In addition to his work, he is actively involved in the Roundtable Repair (RTR) for the improvement of repairability in Germany.

He studied political science and economics at the MLU Halle (Saale) (B.A.) and at the FU Berlin (M.A.) with a focus on modernization theories and transformation processes.

During his studies and afterwards he worked as a Webdeveloper (PHP, JS, SQL, HTML/CSS) and is today increasingly enthusiastic about the pythonic way (Python).