Obsolescence and metamorphosis. A public dialogue between Florian Hofmann and artist Markus Keibel.

On 24.09.2018 Florian Hofmann and the visual artist Markus Keibel conducted a public dialogue on the subject of obsolescence and metamorphosis. The two artists’ main areas of work and interest overlap in the overarching subject of the inevitable constant change of artifacts, structures and systems. Markus Keibel’s work deals with the constant changeability of thoughts, actions and matter, while Florian Hofmann researches changes in organisational value creation systems in the context of a socio-ecological transformation. The two discussed the possibilities and impossibilities of a systematic transformation of the economic, the role the visual arts can play in this, and whether and to what extent art and science can or should have a transformative effect on economy and society.

The discussion took place in the context of an exhibition of Markus Keibel’s current works at the Hotel “Alexander Plaza” in Berlin.

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