New OHA publication: “Responsibility discourses and product responsibility in the context of short-lived consumer goods

The anthology “Reflexive Responsibilisation – Responsibility for Sustainable Development”, newly published by transcript-Verlag, deals with scientific perspectives and political steering concepts for attributing responsibility for sustainable development and discusses the possibilities and limits of individual and collective responsibility.

OHA members Melanie Jaeger-Erben and Tamina Hipp present results from OHA research on media discourses and the consumer perspective and discuss the limits and possibilities of responsibility for the lifespan of consumer goods.

Jaeger-Erben, Melanie / Hipp, Tamina (2018): Geplanter Verschleiß oder Wegwerfkonsum? Verantwortungsdiskurse und Produktverantwortung im Kontext kurzlebiger Konsumgüter. In: Buschmann, Nikolaus / Henkel, Anna / Hochmann, Lars / Lüdtke, Nico (Hg.) (2018): Reflexive Responsibilisierung. Verantwortung für nachhaltige Entwicklung. Bielefeld: transcript, S. 373-394.

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