OHA proudly presents: Circular Society Forum 2021

This is a forum for everyone who is interested in the term “Circular Society” and the social-ecological transformation of society following circular principles – whether you are a practitioner, decision-maker, researcher or citizen. The Circular Society Forum offers anyone interested a several days lasting frame for sharing research findings, field experiences, artistic-creative work as well as example projects and space for discussion.

The Forum takes place online from 22 to 25 February with an amazing program that covers many issues around Circular Society.

Each day is dedicated to a specific topic which were derived from the forum ́s submissions. On Thursay afternoon – 25th of February – the second Circular Society Gathering will take place where we will con- tinue to work on a common Roadmap for a Circular Society Movement. Everyone interested is welcome to join!

Please visit https://www.circularsociety.de

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